What Cricket Strategies Are The Most Profitable?

Are you staring at the cricket markets and wondering which bets are actually worth making? Don’t worry! We are going to show which cricket wagers you should stick to if you want to earn some extra cash!

Are Match Results Worth It?

A match result is a top way to gamble on cricket. It involves predicting Team A to win, Team B to emerge victorious, or for a draw to occur. You can use this style of wager on every cricket match and is a great way for beginners to start gambling on cricket because it is simple and you only have to predict one outcome.

What Is A Total Runs Bet?

With a total runs wager, your job is to guess the total number of runs scored in a cricket game. This strategy is particularly popular in Twenty20 and One Day Internationals. The bet is usually set up as an over/under where the sportsbook will guess the number of runs and you can bet if the total will be higher (over) or lower (under). For example, India is playing Australia in an ODI game and the sportsbook may set the total runs at 540. If you bet the over and the total score is 541 runs or higher then you win. With total runs, you can often find fantastic value as betting sites have a tough time making accurate predictions.

Are Top Scorers Profitable?

Do you consider yourself an expert on all things gambling? Can you spot when a batsman is in exceptional form? Then a top scorer wager is a perfect type for you. With this, you simply need to predict which batsman will score the most runs. You may gamble on a batsman scoring the most runs in a particular inning, match, series, or even a whole tournament. Typically, the batsman who is in the 3rd or 4th position in the batting lineup goes on to make the biggest scores but you should always analyze the form of the players before you place your money.

What Is A Method of Dismissal?

Are you an expert on bowling? Could you predict how a batsman is going to get out? Then try a method of dismissal! Your job with this bet is to guess how a particular batsman will get out. You may bet on them being bowled, caught, run out, stumped, or LBW. It offers fantastic odds and if you understand the game of cricket you can reliably make accurate predictions. Before you make this gamble you should study the wicket conditions, note which bowlers are in form, and analyze how certain batsmen have been dismissed in previous games. For example, if the game is happening in India, there are cracks in the pitch and a spinner is in the fine form you should place your money on a batsman getting out via LBW or being caught.

How Do Most Run Outs Wagers Work?

With the most run-outs strategies you need to predict which team will score the most run-outs. If you want to make accurate predictions you need to analyze both team’s fielders and especially their wicket-keeper and mid-fielders as these two players are critical in making runouts. You should also bet against teams who have inexperienced batsmen who have not played with each other before. Players without an established batting relationship are more likely to be run out due to miscommunication.

Make Money With Cricket Now!

Now you know which cricket wagers are worth your time you now need to try them out. To get started create an account, select a cricket game, and choose one of our recommended strategy types. If you follow our advice you should have no problem placing some winning wagers!