How Do You Win Gambling On Cricket?

Thanks to online betting sites, placing cricket wagers is simple but walking away a winner is a little more challenging. If you want to win your bets you need to develop a system and truly become a cricket expert. To get you started on your gambling journey check out our helpful tips below!

Always Study And Research

Luck may help you win over the short term but if you want to become a legitimate professional cricket gambler you need to perform in-depth research. You can’t simply pick a team at random and hope they win. Prior to every wager you should be studying all of the variables that influence the outcome of a game. The most important factors include:
Location of the match – Hometown teams tend to perform very well because they are used to batting and bowling on their hometown pitches. For example, Australian bowlers are experts at bowling on fast and bouncy pitches.
The form of the teams – Even the best teams go through periods where they are playing poorly. You could pick an upset by betting on an underdog who is playing against a struggling favored team.
If you study these two factors your success percentage should increase significantly!

Build Up Your Knowledge

By winning cricket wagers you are outsmarting the sportsbooks. The only way to outsmart the sportsbooks over the long term is to be more knowledgeable than them about the game. To build this expert knowledge you need to study the intricacies of the game. You need to know all of the rules, what influences the outcome of matches, the tendencies of certain players, how the travel or particular field they are playing on can alter the outcome. If you are consistently studying cricket you will eventually develop this deep knowledge and be able to make more accurate predictions than the betting sites.

Start Off By Gambling Small

It doesn’t matter if you are the greatest gambler in the world, if you gamble above your pay grade you will lose all of your cash. This is because there is lots of variance in gambling and everybody goes through losing streaks. To absorb these periods of losing you need to wager conservatively. It is recommended that you wager a maximum of 2% of your bankroll on each wager. For example, if you have a bankroll of $10,000 you should only gamble $200 on each individual wager.

You Need Wager Using Your Head And Not Your Heart

A big error new cricket players fall trap to is simply gambling on their favorite team or another sentimental reason. Unfortunately, the odds don’t care about your personal connection to a team and this is almost certainly a losing strategy. To improve your chances of winning your bets you need to think logically and avoid any hints of emotion. The best gamblers are like robots and only make wagers when their model and research aligns with their thesis. Remember to let the statistics and your strategy guide your gambling decisions and not your emotions.

The Weather Is An Extremely Variable You Need To Study

The weather is highly influential in the outcome of a cricket match because if there’s too much rain the game will be called off and declared a draw. Also, the level of humidity and heat can affect the way the ball moves off the pitch which can result in teams scoring lots of runs or struggling to get anything going. Prior to betting on cricket, you should always study the predicted weather conditions!

It’s Time To Place A Wager

If you want to make good $$$ with your next cricket bet, just follow our simple tips! Try out our system on the next big match or tournament and don’t be surprised if you cash out a big prize!