Vikram Rathour aims to remain as India batting coach

At the moment, the head coach of the Indian national batting team is Vikram Rathour. He was selected for this post back in 2019. He signed a contract for two years, from friendly competitions against South Africa to the T20 World Cup. But we can say that Vikram Rathour is not going to drop this post. He recently applied for a contract and renewal as a batting coach.
On the eve of the rivalry with Afghanistan, Vikram Rathour said that he was very pleased to work with this team and he wishes all the team members every success. But he does not seek to end his career in the national team and thus applied for a contract extension.
But one cannot be 100% sure that his candidacy will be approved a second time. This is because after the T20 World Cup there will be strong personnel changes. A new person should take the post of head coach. Ravi Shastri cannot apply for this post due to his age. It should also be said that some of the coaches will also be forced to leave their positions.
But not only in the coaching staff, but there will also be big changes. The team of India should change the captain because Virat Kohli leaves this post. It is still unknown who will replace him in this post, but the main contender is Rohit Sharma.
When asked what he thought of the changes, Kohli replied that India’s main goal was to win the World Cup.

Source: ESPN