India has almost no chance of surviving the T20 World Cup

We are now seeing a situation where India is on the verge of being eliminated from the T20 World Cup. Now everything depends on other teams that can save India from such a shameful defeat and help them continue to fight in this championship.
During the last games, we watched a terrible game from the Indian side. This is because just a few unsuccessful shots that the team players made, led to the fact that the team was in a very bad position. All the players on the team began to panic because of the inability to score the 20-30 points needed to win. As for the bowlers, they were hampered by the dew that appeared in the stadiums every evening.
It is generally not interesting to watch a situation where New Zealand and Pakistan can score tens of points and become leaders in the match, while India suffers and cannot return to normal play.
But don’t be disappointed. India still has a chance. To stay in this championship, India must first defeat Afghanistan, by a wide margin. Afterward, let’s hope that Afghanistan can defeat New Zealand. For some, such a development of events seems impossible, but in fact, Afghanistan has every opportunity to win. It’s worth taking a look at how their bowlers performed. If Rashid Khan continues to play at the same pace, and Ur Rahman returns to the field after an injury, then New Zealand has no chance. Well, the game has begun!

Source: ESPN