How To Get Started With Cricket Gambling?

Are you looking to get started on making good money with your favorite sport but don’t know where to begin? Then check out our article below where we break down all the things you need to know before you begin.

How Do I Place A Gamble?

Gambling on the great game of cricket has never been easier. Just follow these steps:

  1. Pick a bookmaker
  2. Complete registration
  3. Add funds to your account
  4. Pick a game or tournament
  5. Select your bet type
  6. Type in amount
  7. Confirm your choice

It only takes a few minutes to sign up at a sportsbook and then you could place a gamble in under 1 minute!

What Are The Best Matches To Gamble On?

The great thing about this niche is the variety of contests and tournaments you can wager your money on. Some of the tactics cricket events include:

  • Indian Premier Events – Twenty20 competitions featuring the best teams from around India.
  • Big Bash League – A domestic Twenty20 competition in Australia that features a good mix of foreign and local sportsmen.
  • World Cup – The best teams from around the world gather to compete for over 50 overs.
  • Test Series – Played over 5 days and is contested between international teams.
  • One Day Internationals – The best foreign teams compete over 50 overs and games typically last 6 hours.

If you gamble on the above games and events not only will you receive the best odds but you will be able to watch the very best players!

What Strategies Are The Best?

This sport has extensive markets where you can make all kinds of predictions. Some of our favorite wagers include:

  • Match result – Gamble on a particular team winning or bet on the game ending in a draw
  • Coin toss – If you are looking for fun, choose the coin toss at the beginning of the match!
  • The outcome of the next ball – You can wager on the next ball being a wicket, hit for 6, and everything in between. This bet offers incredibly high odds!
  • Dismissal – Guess how a particular batsman is going to get out. You can guess how they will be bowled, caught, LBW, or run out.

As cricket has so many gambling options you are always going to find amazing value and should have no issues making profitable strategies.

To ensure you remain a winner in the long term, never risk over 2% of your entire budget on a single event.

What About In-Play Predictions?

At bookmakers, you are able to make a variety of in-play wagers! Cricket is an exciting sport to live bet on because every ball presents the opportunity to walk away a winner. You are able to bet on the next ball being hit over the fence for 6, the bowler taking a wicket, or the batsmen being run out by some amazing fielding.
With live wagering, you can make every facet of the sport extremely exciting. Do you think you are going to switch channels when the next ball bowled could result in you winning 4 figures or even more! One of our favorite live wagers to make is gambling on the next ball to be hit for 6 during a Twenty20 match!

Gamble On The Next Big Event!

After finishing our beginner’s guide, you must consider yourself an expert! Now it is time to use all this new information and start placing some bets. When the next big game comes along, make one of our recommended wagers above and start winning big! Remember to keep track of your progress to see which strategies are the best for you and bring the most $$$!