Why Is Cricket Such A Popular Sport To Bet On?

Cricket has millions of dedicated fans from across the world who enjoy regularly placing bets. In this article, we are going to explore what makes betting on this sport so popular and why you should try it out today!

It Has A Variety Of Match Formats

While the main rules of this sport are consistent there is a range of types of games. The 3 main types of cricket include:
Twenty20 – These matches are played over 20 overs and typically last around 3 hours. This new form of cricket is incredibly popular because the action is fast-paced and the batsmen are incredibly aggressive resulting in lots of sixes and wickets.
One Day Internationals – This form involves each side batting for 50 overs and is a longer version of the Twenty20. These games tend to last 6 hours and the world cup is played under this format.
Test Matches – Test matches are the classic version of cricket and are contested over 5 days. In this format of cricket each side bats twice.
Due to the variety of different match formats, you can always find interesting and exciting games which are worth betting on.

Wide Range Of Betting Options

Cricket has some of the deepest gambling markets of any sport in the entire world! You can bet on every aspect of the sport, including some fun exotic wagers. Some of the top wagers include:

  • Match result – All you need to do is predict your favorite to win and you can cash out a big prize!
  • Completed match – Try to predict that the weather won’t cancel the game
  • Total runs – See if you can figure out how many runs both teams will score in a match
  • Top scorer – If you can guess which batsman will hit the most runs you win!
  • Top bowler – Predict which bowler is going to dominate and take the most wickets
  • Method of dismissal – With this bet you need to guess how a particular batsman is going to get out, the options include bowled, LBW, caught, or run out.

With cricket gambling, you will always find a wager worth making. Remember to research each wager thoroughly to give yourself the best chance of winning!

There Are Always Great Games On!

Due to cricket being an international sport played across the world there are always games taking place! There are amazing games happening in the Northern Hemisphere during July and August and then in the Southern Hemisphere during December and January, you will see amazing games in South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.
It doesn’t matter what time of the year you will be able to watch and bet on cricket games from around the world.

Is The Cricket World Cup Worth Betting On?

The Cricket ICC World Cup features the best international teams from around the world who compete to be crowned the best team. The competition takes place over multiple weeks and is only played once every 4 years. It is played under ODI rules and each game features both teams batting for 50 overs. If you enjoy seeing the very best international players competing in high stake matches then you need to check out the world cup.

What Are The Ashes?

The Ashes is a test match series that takes place between Australia and England and is played every 2 years. This test match series dates back to the early 1900s after the English press declared the death of English cricket after Australia managed to defeat them. The Ashes are played over 5 matches with a side needing to win at least 3 games to clinch the title. The location of the series alternates between England and Australia. If you are looking to bet on the very best test match which features bitter rivals then get ready for the next Ashes series!

Should You Bet On The Indian Premier League?

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Everyone who knows anything about cricket knows India is home to the biggest star in the world. The Indian Premier League is the top domestic league in India and is regularly watched by millions of cricket fanatics. The league is competed under Twenty20 rules and features a great mix of local and international stars. The IPL is able to attract the best talent due to their impressive salaries where top players are earning millions of dollars for a single season. If you are looking for fast-paced action featuring lots of sizes and wickets then you need to start betting on the Indian Premier League today!

Great In-Play Gambling Markets

Do you enjoy making in-play wagers? Then cricket is the ideal sport for you as its gambling markets have hundreds of different potential in-play bets which offer fantastic odds. You can wager on games in India, Pakistan, South Africa, the UK, Australia, and more! You can also make a variety of different wagers such as gambling on the outcome of the next ball (you can win huge if you predict the next ball will be a wicket!). You can also bet on the number of runs that a batsman will score or how many wickets a bowler will take. To follow the action you can even live stream the matches in HD for free directly from your betting account.

Bet Money On A Cricket Game Today!

Cricket is such an exciting sport that gives you so much flexibility when gambling. If you enjoy making all kinds of different bets, live wagering and a variety of different formats then sign up to a sportsbook and start gambling now! Remember to keep track of your progress and never place over 2% of your entire bankroll on a single game to spread the risks evenly and always remain a long-term winner.