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Celebrate a birthday at the NWL/HOUSE of PAIN!

Now you can arrange for your child to celebrate his or her birthday at the NWL's SPWTC/HOUSE of PAIN. Birthday packages are now available and they consist of:

  • Personalized full size sheet cake!

  • Official HoPWF show programs featuring your child as the "star of the show"!

  • Beverages, cups, plates, napkins, forks!

  • 5 NWL/HoPWF video tapes!

  • Birthday card signed by all the NWL/HoPWF stars!

  • Toy replica pro wrestling championship belt!

  • Autographed Photos of NWL/HoPWF stars!

  • Pictures taken in the NWL/HoP ring and featured in the NWL website!

Arrangements can also be made for NWL/HoPWF wrestlers to attend birthday parties at a location of your choosing. Contact John Rambo at for further information.

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